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Guía de Medios GLAAD: Cómo Hablar Sobre Pulse | June 4, 2020

El tiroteo masivo ocurrido en la discoteca Pulse el 12 de junio de 2016, en Orlando, Florida, le arrebató la vida a 49 personas y dejó 53 heridos. No sólo fue unos de los ataques con mayor número de muertos en la historia de los Estados Unidos, sino también es el incidente más violento y fatal en contra de la comunidad LGBTQ en la nación.


Tennessee should follow New Jersey's lead, secure parental rights for LGBTQ couples | January 21, 2020 On January 16, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed Bill S-3528 into law, a bill that helps establish a process to ensure both members of an LGBTQ couple will be recognized as parents of a child brought into their family by adoption or other forms of assisted reproduction.

What it's like dating while bisexual on a historically conservative campus | September 20, 2019

Our relationship guaranteed queer visibility but also increased our fear of experiencing open homophobia.

University of Texas student, Kaj Baker won't give up without a fight following heartbreaking dorm discrimination | December 4, 2018

Once a regular college student, Kaj is now forced to publicly fight for her right to live openly—like everyone else, or hide who she is in her own home.

GLAAD calls on Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to veto anti-LGBTQ Senate Bill 1140 | May 3, 2018

SB 1140 would allow adoption and foster care agencies to turn away LGBTQ couples and deny kids good homes.

Amid nationwide rise in anti-LGBTQ legislation on the state level, GLAAD and Equality Florida release media guide | January 10, 2018

The guide contains story leads, a glossary of terms and definitions frequently used in reporting, terms to avoid, and common pitfalls – useful for the convening of the Florida State Legislature on January 9. It also includes a general timeline outlining Florida’s history on LGBTQ issues from 1972 to today

Supreme Court refuses to hear challenge to Mississippi anti-LGBTQ law | January 8, 2018

HB 1523 allows individuals, businesses, and religious-affiliated organizations to openly discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community

Supreme Court refuses to take up Texas case undermining marriage equality | December 4, 2017

SCOTUS upheld a ruling threatening spousal benefits for LGBTQ couples by declining to hear Pidgeon v Turner

LGBTQ organizations across the U.S. South go purple for #SpiritDay | October 23, 2017

LGBTQ advocacy organizations throughout the U.S. South joined GLAAD by going purple for #SpiritDay this year.

GLAAD condemns State Rep. Betty Price for suggesting Georgians living with HIV and AIDS should be quarantined | October 20, 2017

Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD, calls on Rep. Betty Price to apologize and denounce her vicious statement 

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At St. Alexis Episcopal Church in Jackson, Mississippi, GLAAD's Ross Murray preaches the Sunday morning sermon.

Ty Herndon, groundbreaking gay country music artist, discusses the importance of the Concert for Love and Acceptance in Nashville.

Latta, SC, Police Chief Crystal Moore and MSNBC journalist Craig Melvin accept the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding TV Journalism Segment.

Survivor of anti-LGBT attack Kristene Chapa speaks about the support she received after her attack in Texas. 

Debi Jackson, a southern conservative mother of transgender daughter talks acceptance.

Rick Westbrook, co-founder and executive director of Lost-n-Found Youth in Atlanta, GA, talks about taking in homeless LGBT youth for a living.

Eris Lovell, the first transgender teenager elected to homecoming court in Georgia, talks to GLAAD about getting elected, and what impact this has had on the family.