Raymond Braun's inspiring video about LGBT youth homelessness in the South

Raymond Braun is the YouTuber who accompanied GLAAD on the Southern Stories Summer Tour and helped document the experience. During the tour, he spoke to LGBT and allied Southerners to learn about their experiences being LGBT in the South.

Braun visited an organization called Lost n Found Youth, which was featured in GLAAD Presents: State of Change – Georgia. The mini documentary highlighted this non-profit because it has been making an immense difference by serving and advocating for homeless LGBT youth in Atlanta. In Braun's new video, "Overcoming LGBTQ Youth Homelessness In The South," he features the exceptional story of one young man from Lost n Found Youth, Ryan. Ryan, who had been on his own since 16, sought out Lost n Found Youth after recovering from addiction. He now has his own apartment, is one of their best employees, and leads a much more full, safe, and happy life.

Braun says Ryan's story really resonated with him, and he wants to share it to bring attention to the prevalence of LGBT youth homelessness - and the resources and hopeful futures available for them. Watch the video below!