VIDEO: Georgia residents talk state's first Latino LGBT group #SouthernStories


GLAAD's Southern Stories program works to amplify the voices of LGBT people and allies in the U.S. South. During GLAAD's Southern Stories Summer Tour, GLAAD's staff traveled to six Southern states in eight days to meet with local LGBT advocates and hear about their work.


In Atlanta, GLAAD's Monica Trasandes and Claire Pires caught up with Alejandro Lopez and Leo Martinez, who met us for lunch to discuss their new organization, Latino LinQ. In this video in Spanish, they highlight the discrimination that LGBT people in Georgia face, particularly when they have multiple identities, such as identifying as LGBT and being Latino/a and/or undocumented. Lopez and Martinez wanted to create a space for LGBT Latino/a people to come together and work toward acceptance for the LGBT Latino community in Georgia, so they created Latino LinQ, the only Latino LGBT group in Georgia. In this video, they discuss their goals for their new organization and what the group means to them personally.

Lopez was also featured in GLAAD's documentary, "GLAAD Presents: State of Change -- Georgia," which focuses on LGBT people and allies who are making a difference for LGBT acceptance in Georgia.

Learn more about GLAAD's Southern Stories program here, and watch GLAAD's video here: