Mark Green

Trump Accountability Project (TAP)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Withdrawn -- Nominee for Secretary of the Army

-- Called the transgender community "evil" that must be "crushed" and compared LGBTQ Americans to ISIS.

-- Wrote that then-President Obama "supports transvestites in uniform" in a June 2013 Facebook post.

-- Insists that being “transgender is a disease.”

-- Lead sponsor of a Tennessee state bill that would allow local copanies to discriminate against LGBTQ people without any repercussion from local government.

-- Sponsor of an anti-trans Tennessee state bill requiring students to use restrooms in accordance with their birth certificates.

-- Green backed Tennessee state bill that allows therapist to turn away LGBTQ clients based on their "sincerely held religious beliefs."

-- Sponsor of bill allowing teachers to shun content that conflicts with their beliefs (widely interpreted to include LGBTQ inclusion).