Diane Sykes

Trump Accountability Project (TAP)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Potential Supreme Court Nominee

-- Argued against parental rights for same-sex couples from the bench: "You can't overcome biology. If the state defines parenthood by virtue of biology, no argument under the Equal Protection Clause or the substantive due process clause can overcome that."

-- Ruled that anti-gay groups can receive public funding even if they engage in discrimination.

-- In statements to conservative Federalist Society (where she is listed as an expert), she claimed the Massachusetts Supreme Court's 2003 marriage equality ruling "essentially reformulated the definition of marriage." (2:40--2:55)

-- The extremely anti-LGBTQ Family Research Council (in a piece penned by FRC director and Trump transition team member Ken Klukowski) describes Sykes as "staunchly conservative."

-- Has twice served as guest lecturer for the "Moral Foundations of Law" seminar, an annual event hosted by the anti-LGBTQ Witherspoon Institute (confounded by National Organization For Marriage founder and Federal Marriage Amendment author Robert George). According to court documents involving another anti-LGBTQ justice who attended the seminar, her 2015 speech focused on the aftermath of the Supreme Court's marriage equality decision (Audio/video/transcripts not readily available).