Michael Farris

Alliance Defending Freedom President

Vowed to “stop same-sex marriage from infecting every state in the nation.” 

— Patrick Henry College, which he founded, listed “homosexual conduct” as a “nonnegotiable principle.” 

Keith Ablow

-- Psychiatrist and FOX News contributor

-- Resigned from the American Psychiatric Association because of LGBTQ support 



Richard Cohen

-- Founder of the International Healing Foundation, an organization headquartered in Maryland

-- Unlicensed therapist who presents himself as an expert

-- Was a member of the controversial Unification Church for twenty years; his marriage was arranged by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon himself



Paul McHugh

-- University Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

-- Former member of the United State Conference of Catholic Bishop's National Review Board



-- Says: “It may be an intrinsic problem of American psychiatry to fall into a craze or cult-like misdirection once a decade”...“Transgenderism seems to be this decade’s version.”

David Benham

-- Star of HGTV's upcoming reality series Flip It Forward (*UPDATE: show has been cancelled)

-- Cofounder and board member of Coalition of Conscience, an anti-LGBT organization headed up by radical anti-LGBT activist Michael Brown

-- Son of founder of controversial anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-Islam group Operation Save America; at various points, David has been identified as an OSA leader



Kevin Swanson

-- Director of Generations with Vision, a ministry focused on homeschooling

-- Host of "Generations Radio"



-- Pushes for the death penalty for gay people

-- Believes God sent a hurricane to Houston, TX in order to punish the city for “sexual perversion”

Ralph Reed

-- Founder and Chair of the Faith and Freedom Coalition

-- Former head of the Christian Coalition



Franklin Graham

-- President and CEO, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association



-- Says: “LGBT agenda wants to force everyone to accept & condone their lifestyle which God’s Word defines as sin.”

-- Says: “LGBT activists are trying to hook their caboose to the “freedom train” & drag an immoral agenda into our communities”


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