James Meeks

-- Preacher and leader of the African-American Clergy Coalition

-- Former state lawmaker and candidate for mayor of Chicago



-- Has preached that homosexuality is "an evil sickness"

-- Says same-sex marriage will always be wrong: "that ain't natural"

Linda Jernigan

-- "Ex-gay" activist who regularly partners with the Illinois Family Institute

-- Lobbies against LGBTQ rights in Illinois



-- Claims expanding homosexuality is "Satan's plan"

Mary Anne Hackett

-- President, Catholic Citizens of Illinois

-- One of the leaders of the so-called Coalition to Protect Children & Marriage



-- Says homosexuality is "a lifestyle that is damaging to body and soul" (at 2:10)

David Smith

--Head of the Illinois Family Institute



-- Said his state’s ban on scientifically-discredited, so-called “reparative therapy” is “an appalling disregard for children’s mental health, parental rights and religious liberty” and “an unmitigated disaster for children and families!”

Laurie Higgins

-- Cultural Analyst for the Illinois Family Institute



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