GLAAD Media Reference Guide - 11th Edition

GLAAD Media Reference Guide - 11th Edition

GLAAD Media Reference Guide - 11th Edition

GLAAD's Media Reference Guide, now in its 11th edition, offers education and guidance on telling LGBTQ people's stories in ways that bring out the best in journalism.

This Guide is intended to be used by journalists reporting for mainstream media outlets and media creators who want to tell the stories of LGBTQ people fairly and accurately. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive glossary of language used within the LGBTQ community, nor is it a prescriptive guide for LGBTQ people. There is no one way to be LGBTQ, nor is there one way to describe LGBTQ people. In fact, you will see one practice recommended throughout the Guide: Ask people how they describe themselves, ask people their pronouns, and identify them in your coverage as such.

We hope you will find the information helpful and that you will reach out to GLAAD, or others featured in this guide, when looking for further information and potential interview sources. You can reach us at

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