Matthew Whitaker

Matt Whitaker

Former Acting Attorney General

Staunchly opposes marriage equality: “I believe marriage is between one man and one woman. Throughout history it’s traditionally been up to the churches and to God to define that. I don’t have an omnibus solution. Certainly it’s affecting all sorts of parts of our country. Here in the state of Iowa we can’t even get our elected officials to do anything about it and that’s really frustrating. It’s affecting our military. There are chaplains in the military under a lot of pressure to go against their religious beliefs.”

Defended a newspaper editor who harshly attacked the LGBTQ community in a personal blog post.

Moderated a panel on “marriage, abortion & social issues” that featured viciously anti-LGBTQ activists from the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage; referred to them as a “great group of culture warriors.”

Insists marriage is a state issue and opposed changing the federal tax code to accommodate same-sex couples. (timestamp 21:30)

Insists judges need a “biblical view.”

Insists “religious freedom is under assault.” (timestamp  4:42)

—A gay Democrat accuses Whitaker of personally targeting him in a lawsuit because he is gay: “As US attorney (Whitaker) spoke at Christian Coalition events and would often refer to bringing God into his decision-making process and being guided by God’s hand,” McCoy said, “and so I believe that he was very much resentful of my lifestyle and I believe that played a factor in it.”

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