Jim Garlow

Former Senior Pastor, Skyline Wesleyan Church
Evangelical Activist

Wrote that Pete Buttigieg’s acknowledgement of his faith is “pathetic” and “ludicrous,” and “He acts so ‘holy’ and sanctimonious—Pharisaical—while living out a sodomistic lifestyle.... He is slick. Beware of him. He is dangerous, the worst of all of them.”

Declared that voting for Pete Buttigieg in the 2020 presidential primary would be participation “in the destruction of sacred, God-defined marriage,” and instructed voters, “Don’t participate in the sodomization & gomorrahization [sic] of our community—and our nation. And for the record, hmsxlty [sic] yesterday, trans today, pedophilia tomorrow, and guess what after that. The moral dam has burst.”

Insists: “If I were Satan, I would want to destroy on the earth the image of God. This is why marriage is such a hotbed issue. It’s more than just the issue of homosexuality. It’s much more than that. It’s much more cosmic. It’s big, it’s enormous.... They want to destroy the very image of God upon the planet,” he said. “This is a demonic happening in our midst.”

Believes he and like-minded Christians do not have to follow laws with which they disagree: “The Supreme Court is not supreme, overall. God is supreme. And the Supreme Court has passed laws regarding marriage, regarding abortion, and under no condition do we have to follow laws that violate the word of God.”

Said that “Satan” is behind extending the freedom to marry to gay and lesbian couples: “So if I were Satan, if I were the Devil, I’d want to destroy the imagery of male and female coming together with light and joy, covenantal marriage on Earth.” (0:45-0:60)

—Said 2012 election results show that America “has stage four cancer.”

On marriage equality: “Satan is obsessed in destroying marriage, the coming together, fitting together of the two complimentary halves of humanity—male and female, since they are on earth, a mirror, an image, of what is to be fulfilled at the end of this age. And that is why we are in the battle we are in... It is about the desire of Satan to decimate the picture of God’s ultimate design for the Cosmos—the Grand Wedding of His Son to the Prepared Bride.”

Suggested same-sex marriage is like a house with miswired electricity and poorly installed plumbing: “All the people who advocate for so-called same-sex marriage ought to have to live in homes in which the plumbers who built them, or the electricians who built them, didn’t understand the difference between the male and female end of piping or plumbing or of electrical as well… and see how that home works out for them.”

Said if marriage equality passes, Christians must become like Bonhoeffer, a pastor famous for fighting Nazis.


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