David Kupelian

Managing Editor, WorldNetDaily

—Author of The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom, which is largely focused on the idea that LGBTQ rights have been “sold” to America as part of an evil marketing strategy.

Insists children are naturally repulsed by LGBTQ people: “We now have 4-year-old kids in preschool where we have lesbian and transgender teachers.... They go in and they show two women kissing, two men kissing; there is a natural ick factor where children who have not been corrupted say, ‘Ick, that’s gross.’ I’m sorry, it is gross and the grossness is something that God has put in their mind. People may not like to hear this but it actually is gross and it’s a natural reaction of little innocent kids.”

Links the creation of child jihadists to the supposed “creation” of LGBTQ children: “Little jihadists are created when, from an early age, they are continually traumatized—indoctrinated daily to hate infidels and see them as less than human—intimidated, degraded, frightened, rewarded, tempted, brutalized, brainwashed, lied to, punished, threatened, and praised (for reinforcement)—until their little developing minds and emotions no longer belong to them. They internalize and act out a completely new implanted identity, utterly foreign to the one with which they were born. If the forces in one child’s life can thus transform him so totally that, when he looks in a mirror, he sees someone with an overwhelming desire to kill ‘infidels’ in a glorious ‘martyrdom operation,’ couldn’t the forces in another child’s life (perhaps far more subtle, but nevertheless powerful) transform him or her into a person with feelings, thoughts, and desires he likewise was not born with—including homosexual or transgender feelings?”

Says: “The whole transgender issue, which represents the politicization and forced celebration of a severe mental illness—and now, shoving it down the throats of hundreds of millions of Americans, including her school children—is literally insane.”

Compares gay and transgender people to jihadists who murder strangers: “Consider for a moment how children in the Arab-Muslim Middle East develop the ‘mental illness’ of wannabe jihad martyrdom. How exactly do innocent little kids come to be possessed by such overwhelmingly powerful emotions and beliefs that they’re willing to blow themselves up while murdering innocent strangers—and thinking such a despicable crime is the will of God? If I suggested genetics or biochemical imbalances were responsible, you would laugh. 

—Comparing the LGBTQ rights movement to a fictional arch-villain, claims LGBT rights is “corrupting our nation’s core”: “This particular issue—this revolutionary sexual anarchy movement, which more than any other ideology, including Marxism, Islam or atheism, has the potential of permanently corrupting our nation’s core ‘operating system’ called the family—is the one issue that almost everybody is afraid to confront ... ike Voldemort, the arch-villain so feared by everyone in the ‘Harry Potter’ stories that they ‘dare not speak his name,’ almost no one—not Democrats, not Republicans, not churches, not the media (including Fox News), not talk radio (with a few exceptions), not even the big alternative news websites, with the exception of WND—dares speak of it.”

Says support for a transgender six-year-old is “ghoulish” and in the spirit of Halloween.

Claims same-sex marriage will lead to five men marrying wastebaskets: “Once you say that two men can be married and two women can be married you have to say that three men can be married or three women can be married or five men and a wastebasket can be married.”

Suggests saying to gay friends about their marriages: “I don’t want to be party to further unraveling the fabric of our civilization, one which safeguards your rights and mine, that protects us in an exceedingly dangerous world, a moral foundation rock that’s served us well for thousands of years. For your sake as much as for mine, I’m not willing to throw that away. I hope you understand.”

Wrote that the Boy Scouts of America’s inclusion of gay scouts was a factor contributing to “suicide.”

Warns that LGBTQ acceptance is going to destroy us: “Today’s idiotic and ultimately suicidal national pretense that homosexuality is perfectly normal—that two men or two women can somehow be joined together in holy matrimony, that moral/religious opposition to this perversity renders you a bigot and a criminal, and that justice is somehow served by forcing a Christian mother to turn over her beloved daughter to a litigious homosexual—all this, my friends, is high mockery of God and His laws. However, ‘God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.’ (Galatians 6:7 KVJ) If we do not change course, America the Exceptional—the freest, most moral, prosperous, blessed and beloved nation on earth, which millions fought and died to protect—will reap the whirlwind of national disintegration and unimaginable suffering.”

Says homosexuality is “unnatural and self-destructive”: “In truth, there is something wrong with homosexuality. Simply put, it is unnatural and self-destructive—just as Western civilization has long understood it.”

Equates homosexuality with alcoholism and smoking: “Most of all, we’ve forgotten as a society what love is because supporting and justifying homosexuality is not real love any more than glorifying drinking helps the alcoholic or celebrating smoking helps wipe out lung cancer.”

—Describes our LGBTQ accepting society as a “Sodom & Gomorrah freak show.” (@ 4:26)

Says it’s “real love” to “heal” gay people: “To the homosexual living in denial, then, even a loving offer of help from, say, a Christian ex-gay ministry or ‘reparative therapy’ counselor (to help overcome homosexual addiction) feels like the most vile, abusive hatred. In fact, it’s real love—which we misinterpret as hatred and ‘bigotry’ simply because it causes us to confront a truth that is not welcome in us.... Remember, our conflicts contain the seeds of redemption—that is, as long as we know we have a problem, there’s hope for a change. But if we deny there’s a problem, we are literally robbed of the chance to find healing. That’s exactly what America has done in buying into the ‘gay rights movement.’ We have betrayed our homosexual brothers and sisters. Glorifying dysfunctionality and corruption, we have relieved homosexuals of the inner conflict they once felt over their condition—something they desperately need, indeed all of us need, if we’re ever going to overcome our problems and find wholeness…. The most loving stance for others to take is not to serve as enablers of self-destructive and immoral compulsions, but to stand in patient but firm opposition. In other words, we need to side with the afflicted person’s conscience. In America, we’ve done the opposite.”

Says LGBTQ rights activists are “forces of corruption”: “Stop giving permission for the forces of corruption and confusion to transform your country so that your children grow up in a land unrecognizable to our founding fathers.” 

Compares transgender people to anorexics: “Whether it’s the anorexic or transgender individual staring intently into the mirror and seeing the exact opposite of reality, or countless other people in similar straits tormented from within, our minds are—to put it inelegantly—capable of lying to us.”

Calls marriage equality “the most bizarre perversion of human civilization’s core institution.”


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