Photo Credit: YouTube

Charmaine Yoest

Assistant Secretary, Health and Human Services for Public Affairs

—Former executive at the Family Research Council, an anti-LGBTQ organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a hate group and daughter of well-known anti-LGBT activist Janice Shaw Crouse

Claims the US Supreme Court ruling overturning sodomy laws contained “no real facts” and “didn’t make sense.”

Insists transgender bathroom access provides “opening for sexual predators” (but is unable to provide sources when pressed)

Classifies transgender people as “wrestling with a disorder” and “redefining what normal is” (comments begin at 1:40 in clip)

Advocated for overturning "don't ask, don't tell" and reinstating a complete bar on LGB service members: “The DADT regulations should be repealed. The homosexual exclusion law should remain.”

—Opposes adoption by same-sex couples, insisting at length that that “is critical for a child to have both a mom and a dad” and that “social workers [are] going into a situation and taking a child who was destined for a two-parent home and deciding for politically-driven reasons to put them in a gay parenting adoption situation.”

Appeared in an FRC robocall ask residents of Nashville, TN, to ask their senators to reject federal hate crimes protections for LGBT people

—While working to ban marriage equality, classified the marriage debate as “homosexual activists...pushing out there this whole idea of making people’s sexual choices an issue in the public square.

—On her eponymous website, Charmaine and her husband (with some bylines under her name, some under his, and some bearing both names) condemn McDonald’s for “promoting the homosexual lifestyle,” condemn WalMart for supporting gay rights because “boy-toys from the Tenderloin will [not] truck to Sam’s for the two-gallon jar of pickles, classify transwomen as men who “take a meat cleaver to his manhood“ and as “crazy,” and homosexuality as a “choice.”

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