Cathy Ruse

Senior Fellow of Legal Studies, Family Research Council

Referred to trans kids as “opposite-sex students who claim a gender contrary to their biology.” 

Suggested that a transgender child who identifies as a girl is really a boy in need of a father: “And one final thought: No mention is made anywhere of the boy’s father, and his utter absence from news stories strikes me as a classic “elephant in the room,” or in this case, not in the room. Dare I state the obvious, unspoken truth? This poor little boy desperately needs a father.”

—Said it “can be child abuse” to support a transgender child. (6:12-6:18)

—Referred to scientifically discredited “ex-gay” teaching as merely a “resource” and “other perspective” on par with those that “[promote] the homosexual lifestyle as natural and positive.”

—Credited for sparking a national boycott of the Girl Scouts because of that organization’s supposed “left wing agenda.” Cites merely having “people on their board that are also on the board of the Human Rights Campaign and push for same-sex marriage” as examples.


The GLAAD Accountability Project catalogs anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and discriminatory actions of politicians, commentators, organization heads, religious leaders, and legal figures, who have used their platforms, influence and power to spread misinformation and harm LGBTQ people.