Photo Credit: YouTube

Bethany Kozma

Former Deputy Chief of Staff, USAID

Reporting reveals that Bethany Kozma said during closed-door meetings at the annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women that the United States was a “pro-life nation,” and discouraged reproductive healthcare. 

Testified to her local school board that there is a direct link between sexual predators and trans access to facilities: “Imagine how predators will be emboldened and enabled, endangering other young girls if they are allowed to enter girls facilities and protected under your current policy.” (Begins at 17:10)

Informed her school board that the next superintendent must “not violate Title IX, not just in the female sports by allowing males to unfairly compete and possibly severely injure the girls, but also not allow males to take over bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms and push out females, denying them their right for privacy and safety.” (Begins at 53:55)

Response to a gender services clinic in Seattle: “This is horrible—a place where our children will be sterilized.”

—Attempted to discredit the identities of transgender youth by referring to trans kids as “gender confused children.”

Partnered with anti-LGBTQ hate groups including Family Research Council in a campaign to overturn the Obama Department of Education guidance for transgender students.


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