Viktor&Rolf celebrates Pride in partnership with GLAAD to help amplify the voices of the LGBTQ community

June 15, 2022

In celebration of Pride Month and the first anniversary of Viktor&Rolf’s year-round partnership with GLAAD, the brand launches the #DefineVisibility Pride campaign, which aims to amplify influential voices from the LGBTQ+ community. The year-round support given by Viktor&Rolf ensures that GLAAD can continue its important work to amplify and uplift LGBTQ communities all around the world.

The most powerful way to make an impact in society and accelerate acceptance is through not only the sharing of diverse stories in the media but most importantly for those stories to be told by the voices that represent them. A GLAAD study found that there have been zero trans or non-binary characters in major studio films four years in a row. In television, though overall numbers are growing, there has been a decrease in characters with disabilities and living with HIV on television. So many parts of the LGBTQ community are still incredibly underrepresented and we need more LGBTQ storytellers telling their stories to the world. The #DefineVisibility Pride campaign features stories from Miss Fame, Pierre Boo & Nicky Champa, Eliad Cohen, Raisa Flowers, and more, about the importance of being visible and how we can work to have more visibility in 2022.

Discover their stories and join the movement: TOGETHER, LET’S #DEFINEVISIBILITY AND CONTRIBUTE TO CREATING A MORE ACCEPTING WORLD @viktorandrolf_fragrances | @glaad #DefineVisibility #VRLovesPride.