Prop 8 mastermind exploits COVID-19 to attack LGBTQ families

Frank Schubert may not be a household name, but he's very familiar to those of us who fought in the marriage equality fight of the past decade. Schubert, a close associate of the oft-mocked National Organization for Marriage led the discrimination campaigns in Maine and North Carolina. Prior that, he took on his most high profile role when he led the infamous and costly Proposition 8 campaign in California. 

I honestly haven't thought of Schubert in years, since we now live in a nation where the millions of dollars and goodwill that he squandered on marriage discrimination is rightly seen for the wasteful exercise that it was and is. However, it turns out he is still writing nasty things about us, and even something like a global pandemic isn't going to stop him from attacking LGBTQ families.

Schubert writes:

From time to time, world developments transcend politics and we find ourselves retreating to the safety and familiarity of eternal truths. We are in just such a moment with the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.  All around the world, whether by force of government edict or simple common sense, people are turning inward to protect themselves and their children. As people shelter in place or practice the new art of “social distancing,” many are rediscovering the universal lived experience that families with children anchored by marriage are better positioned to handle the crisis.

...But beyond the economics are family dynamics. The essence of the marriage relationship is complementarity. Men and women are made for each other, body and soul, equal in every way. But equality does not equate to sameness. Men and women are not the same, they bring different strengths and approaches to everyday life, including to the care of children. This will be useful and beneficial for children, now during the crisis and later when it subsides. A child at home with both mom and dad is likely to experience first hand what research has clearly documented...

Eventually, God willing, the COVID-19 crisis will pass and we will return to what we hope will be a normal existence. When this happens, I hope that we don’t forget the eternal truths of marriage, and what it means for children and families

The overwhelming body of evidence collected by social scientists demonstrates that children raised in a family with their married mother and father are much more likely to enjoy good and healthy relationships with their parents, and with others. They will enjoy better physical and mental health and experience less family instability. They achieve greater educational attainment, including getting better grades and have a lesser chance of being held back and ultimately dropping out of school.  These children graduate from high school at a higher rate. They will be more likely to graduate from college and obtain jobs with higher occupational status and earnings, and will experience less unemployment and economic hardship. Boys raised in an intact home typically experience less juvenile delinquency and incarceration, while girls raised in an intact home have a lesser incidence of experiencing a teen pregnancy. Children raised by their married parents will have much less chance of experiencing poverty while growing up. 

No other family structure comes close to delivering the enormous benefits to couples and children that does marriage between a man and a woman. Not single parents. Not same sex parents. Not parents who cohabitate.

FULL: Coronavirus Crisis Reminds Us of Eternal Truths of Marriage and Family [IOF]

I love how he says that the coronavirus crisis "transcends politics," before using his political background to write on a political platform a throughly political attack on not only same-sex parents, but also single parents and cohabiting couples. Self-awareness has never been a strong suit for the failed marriage discriminators from groups like NOM, but this is a whole other level. At a time when most cannot even think of politics as usual because we are too focused on returning life to normal, this man who has already done such unspeakable harm against LGBTQ families is adding further insult to his injuries by mocking families that don't look the way he believes they should. Gross.

Just like Bryan Fischer before him, Frank Schubert is using this time of crisis to show the true colors that have always painted the "pro-family" movement. They've never really cared about lifting up society, but rather tearing down the parts of society that they don't like. If you don't understand how anyone could use this global pandemic to attack millions of same-sex parents, single parents, and cohabiting couples, then consider yourself lucky that you have not made the deviant lifestyle choice that Mr. Schubert has made. 


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