Must-See LGBTQ TV: 'Roswell, New Mexico' premieres Monday, 'Queer As Folk' premieres Thursday, and 'For All Mankind' premieres Friday!

Grab the remote, set your DVR or queue up your streaming service of choice! GLAAD is bringing you the LGBTQ highlights on TV this week. Check back every Sunday for up-to-date coverage in LGBTQ-inclusive programming on TV.

Season four of Roswell, New Mexico will premiere Monday at 8pm on The CW. After reluctantly returning to her tourist-trap hometown of Roswell, New Mexico, the daughter of undocumented immigrants discovers a shocking truth about her teenage crush who is now a police officer: he's an alien who has kept his unearthly abilities hidden his entire life. She protects his secret as the two reconnect and begin to investigate his origins, but when a violent attack and long-standing government cover-up point to a greater alien presence on Earth, the politics of fear and hatred threaten to expose him and destroy their deepening romance. LGBTQ characters include Air Force veteran Alex Manes (out bi actor Tyler Blackburn), alien drifter Michael Guerin (Michael Vlamis), alien Isobel Evans (Lily Cowles), and Forrest Long (Christian Antidormi). Roswell, New Mexico: Monday, 8pm on The CW.

Queer as Folk will premiere this Thursday on Peacock. Queer as Folk is a reimagining of the British series, created by out producer Russell T. Davies, and explores the lives of a diverse group of friends in New Orleans whose lives are transformed in the aftermath of a tragedy. The series centers out stars Devin Way as Brodie, Fin Argus as Mingus, Jesse James Keitel as Ruthie, CG as Shar, Johnny Sibilly as Noah, and Ryan O’Connell as Julian. Queer as Folk will also feature out guest stars Nyle DiMarco as Leo, a charming grad student; Calvin Seabrooks as Taylor, a reluctant dinner party guest; Megan Stalter as Meg, an aspiring singer; Benito Skinner as Jack Cole Jordan, a self-aggrandizing influencer; Chris Renfro as Daddius, a fun-loving hedonist who is always the life of the party; and Armand Fields as Bussey, the reigning drag queen and matriarch of the local scene. Queer as Folk: Thursday, on Peacock.

The third season of For All Mankind will premiere this Friday on Apple TV+. Imagine a world where the global space race never ended. This thrilling “what if” take on history spotlights the high-stakes lives of NASA astronauts and their families. In season three, the Space Race extends to Mars, a new group with a lot to prove and more to lose joins the leagues of the United States and the Soviet Union, and characters’ aspirations and allegiances clash. Season one followed a lavender marriage between astronaut Ellen Wilson (out queer actress Jodi Balfour) and NASA engineer Larry Wilson (Nate Corddry), and season two saw sapphic romance between Ellen and bartender Pam Horton (Meghan Leathers) take a heartbreaking turn after Pam lied to Ellen that she was returning to her ex-girlfriend after realizing she would be an obstacle to Ellen’s political career. For All Mankind: Friday, on Apple TV+.

Sunday, June 5: The First Lady (9pm, Showtime)

Monday: Roswell, New Mexico (8pm, The CW); Gentleman Jack (10pm, HBO)

Wednesday: The Flash (8pm, The CW); Kung Fu (9pm, The CW)

Thursday: Queer as Folk (Peacock); The Book of Queer (Discovery+); Legacies (9pm, The CW)

Friday: For All Mankind (Apple TV+); The Boys (Amazon Prime); Charmed (8pm, The CW)