How to watch the Democratic National Convention with GLAAD

The Democratic National Convention starts Monday with the party’s delegates reporting virtually and in person in the host city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Republican National Convention runs for four day starting August 24, and GLAAD will provide more information regarding its schedule when it’s made available.

GLAAD will watch and monitor for everything related to LGBTQ content. Join us by following GLAAD’s Twitter (@glaad), where we will provide notes of LGBTQ inclusion, fact-checking, and background information at your fingertips throughout the day. 

How to watch

Each night, the Convention Program will air on a variety of platforms from 9 p.m. ET to 11 p.m. ET with pre-show events happening online. Following the close of the evening’s Convention Program, hop on GLAAD’s Instagram Live to hear activist and model Geena Rocero and Pulse survivor Brandon Wolf recap and react to what LGBTQ moments they saw, and what they wanted to see, along with several special guests.  

The mainstage speeches will air on ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, NBC and PBS. Click here to read more. You can also watch the live streams on YouTube here: 

How to participate

Join GLAAD to monitor the Hispanic, Black, LGBTQ, Youth, Interfaith and Women’s caucuses at the DNC. Find the full schedule here and RSVP online to listen in. Report out what you hear and tag @glaad on Twitter.

Take action

Help GLAAD monitor the conventions by listening to the nights’ notable speakers. Lift up something good they did, or how they have evolved from a problematic stance. If someone states something incorrect or  anti-LGBTQ, call that out, and add your voice to the chorus.