GLAAD Media Institute Global Update: ¡Bienvenidos a Tijuana!

GLAAD’s Spanish Language & Latinx Media and Representation Director Monica Trasandes traveled to the city of Tijuana, Mexico this week.The US Consulate, located less than five miles from the border, hosted Trasandes’ visit. Monica’s first stop was the radio program, El Diván de la Psicología (The Psychology Divan) where she discussed the importance of LGBTQ media visibility, inclusion, and family acceptance. You can listen to her interview here. The Consulate General, along with the organization International Community Foundation, organized a forum for local LGBTQ organizations.

Credit: Monica Trasandes 

Facilitated by Monica and GLAAD People of Color Media Institute Alum, Enrique Torre Molina, the forum’s main goal is to strengthen the skills of grassroots LGBTQ organizations. Thirty four people were in attendance, including Irving Mondragón, who assists in operating Casa De Luz, and Jaime Marin, who runs Jardín de las Mariposas. Both are migrant shelters for those seeking refuge from countries in Central America.

Credit: Monica Trasandes

Monica taught participants how best to tell their own lived experiences, and how media can be used as outreach for those in need of assistance or individuals who are not aware of the needs of the community. By the end of the forum, activists learned in-depth strategies that utilizes media to enhance their advocacy with LGBTQ people at the border. Monica has worked closely with US Consulates in Guatemala and Chile, and looks forward to continuing GLAAD’s work in Latin America.

Credit: Monica Trasandes (left), Enrique Torre Molina (bottom right) and activists in Tijuana. 

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