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Story shines light on abuse faced by transgender immigrant being held in male facility

The Huffington Post's Roque Planas did an excellent article on transgender immigrant Nicoll Hernández-Polanco, who is being held in an all-male detention center. Read More

Chile approves civil unions

Advocates in Chile are celebrating after civil unions were approved Jan. 28Read More

Ricky Martin - alive and very well, thank you very much

Ricky Martin was recently the subject of a hoax purporting the out and proud singer had died in a car accident.Read More

Good coverage in Spanish-language media of historic marriage day in Florida

A personal and celebratory tone marked most of the media stories on marriage equality in Florida that GLAAD has been seeing, most appropriate when covering a story about love.Read More

Ten Big Accomplishments in Spanish-Language and Latino Media in 2014

At GLAAD we're often asked how LGBT equality is doing in Latino USA and in Spanish-speaking countries. The answer isn't simple, not a thumbs up or thumbs down. It's instead complex, just like the world in which we live. We've seen many setbacks but also some wins. Let's take a minute to celebrate the good high points, because there were lots of them. Here's our top ten list of moments that mattered in Spanish-Language media in 2014. Read More

Documentary airing Sunday tells story of three courageous LA trans women

On Sunday, Dec. 14, Univision and Pivot will air Crossing Over: Stories of Immigration and Identity which follows three transgender women who left Mexico and made new lives in Los Angeles. The show airs at 8 p.m. ET on Pivot and at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Univision.Read More

Juan Pablo Jaramillo, well-known Colombian YouTuber, comes out of the closet

Juan Pablo Jaramillo, a young Colombian with lots of youtube fans, recently came out in a very personal and thoughtful video that's gotten millions of re-tweets.Read More

Tim Cook, el CEO de Apple, sale y habla de ser gay

"Soy orgulloso de ser gay. Considero el ser gay entro los regalos más grandes que Dios me ha dado," Tim Cook, el CEO de Apple, escribió en un ensayo escrito por él y publicado en Bloomberg Businessweek editorial, la mañana del 30 de octubre.Read More
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