Pat Buchanan
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Pat Buchanan Campaign in-house
This multi-million dollar campaign effort from anti-gay candidate for president Pat Buchanan ran in 209 markets and 24 states, and opens with a teacher forcing open the hands of a praying child.

The narrator says, "They've taken God and the Bible out of our schools. They've pulled the Ten Commandments off the classroom walls," and then with Boy Scouts flashing on the screen, adds, "Now they're after the Boy Scouts, calling them a hate group because they won't let homosexual men be Scout leaders. It's time to take our country back from those who are tearing it down. George W. Bush and Al Gore will do nothing. One candidate that isn't afraid to fight back: Pat Buchanan." As the ad ends, the narrator says, "Vote for the third party that puts families first. Vote Buchanan for president."
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