Toyota Corolla
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Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising
A man and a woman are browsing through a bookstore separately, and he notices her sexy silhouette. As she continues to look at books, he makes conversation in the hopes of picking her up, "Wordsworth. Yeah, I like poetry too. You know, there's this great caf? just down the road, and if you're not busy I thought maybe we could grab a coffee or something?"

The woman, a transgendered male-to-female, replies in a deep voice with a smile, "Sounds great, man."

The man furrows his brow, then flees the bookstore to hop into his Toyota Corolla. The screen reads, "One thing you can count on."

The ad earns a Negative rating because of the use of a transgendered woman for cliched humor, the man's immediate rejection, and the positioning of the Toyota Corolla as a hero to drive him far away.
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