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A father finds his son playing with Barbie dolls. The next day, his father brings him two soldier dolls and shows him how to be violent with them instead. Checking on his child that night, the father finds the two soldiers on the floor and his son has the Barbies tucked in with him in bed.

Fast forward, and the boy -- who is now a man -- is waking up with two live Barbie-types in his bed. The hunky guy then walks into the kitchen to find his roommate (or is it his father?) -- who's wearing a silk Kimono -- suggestively feeding two other men at breakfast. The guests swish their shoulders to music and lewdly look at the straight guy.

The text reads "Pick whatever you want, just pick Tulipan Condoms."

Despite the non-judgmental selling line, the depiction of gays here is a classic stereotype.
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