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A sexy man is stopped at the metal detector in an airport by an enthusiastic female security guard. Every time he walks through, she asks him to remove an article of clothing--first his shirt (revealing a muscular chest), then his pants.

As he walks through wearing nothing but his underwear, he gives her a challenging stare and walks away with his luggage. The other female security guard comes over to the first and removes an electronic device from the woman's pants--it's what artificially made the metal detector beep! She says, "One day, you're going to get caught."

As the man walks away, she scoffs and says, "Oh, he's probably gay."

In a twist, this commercial has appeared with different closing comments from the woman, "Nice luggage," which would otherwise completely make the commercial irrelevant to this survey. The idea, according to a spokesman for the ad agency, was to "make the ads even more noticeable by their changes, to encourage discussion and comment in the community. The result was that 'talk back' radio stations picked up on it and became quite a topic of conversation, all adding free airtime to the campaign."
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