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Mad Dogs & Englishmen
Two men in a waiting room are announced to a financial executive by his secretary on the phone intercom: "Mr. Robinson, there are two men here about a loan." Then in a stage whisper, she says, "I think they're GAY."

Suddenly, in a mad dash to announce his sexuality, he trashes fresh flowers that were on his desk, he turns his family photo to face outward and nervously looks around for what else he can do. As the commercial goes over the top, he puts out copies of straight porn videos on his desk ("Hot Tub Nurses" and "Nurses in Bondage"), starts awkwardly tossing around a basketball. Then as the two guys walk in, he turns to open the cabinet above his head to reveal a neon sign that reads "100% heterosexual."

They turn and walk out.

The closing text reads, "Now, there's a more welcoming financial world. The Gay Financial Network."

The commercial ran only in New York and San Francisco on the financial cable channel CNBC, but it was a rare crossover advertising effort in the US by a gay product. Earlier print advertising for has also appeared in The Wall Street Journal and other mainstream business media.

"We wanted the spots to be entertaining and truthful at the same time by sending out a message that would be welcomed by both the straight and gay communities," explained Creative Director Nick Cohen. "We wanted the straight world to say 'Good Lord is that how it is?' and the gay community to say 'Thank you so very much.' "
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