UPDATE: The CW Pulls Defamatory Promo for High Society

After GLAAD reached out to The CW about a promotional video for its new reality show, High Society, the network quickly responded and said the trailer would be pulled from circulation as soon as possible, although it is expected that the full removal of the preview could take several days.

High Society features openly gay writer and NYC socialite, Paul Johnson-Calderon.

In the trailer, a party goer said that the show's star, NYC socialite Tinsley Mortimer, looked "like a tranny." Within the same preview, Jules, Mortimer's friend, says "I use the N-word sometimes." The CW attracts a large LGBT viewership due to its significant LGBT inclusion on shows such as Gossip Girl and America's Next Top Model, and was second only to ABC in GLAAD's 2008-2009 Network Responsibility Index. Many in the LGBT community were offended by the appearance of this comment on The CW, which worked only to perpetuate discrimination towards the transgender community. GLAAD commends The CW for such a timely response to the derogatory trailer, and looks forward to the premiere of High Society, which also features openly gay Manhattan socialite Paul Johnson-Calderon in the cast.