What to Watch: Monday

Monday's are hotter then ever with the return of Torchwood's Captain Jack, played by out actor John Barrowman, and his boyfriend Ianto as they try to save the planet from aliens. Can they do it? Who knows but it's going to be fun watching them try! Monday, July 20 8:00 pm The Secret Life of the American Teenager, ABC Family (1hr) NEW Is this the week that gay best friend Griffin shows up? Better watch and find out! But Grace does share a secret and Amy tries to go with Ben on his trip.
Sexy couple Captain Jack and Ianto from Tourchwood

Sexy couple Captain Jack and Ianto from Torchwood

9:00pm Torchwood: Children of Earth, BBC (1 hr) SEASON PREMIERE Season three will be playing out as a five part miniseries. In the opener, the surviving members of Torchwood must find a way to save earth as a new alien threat becomes imminent. Be sure to watch out for openly gay actor John Barrowman as bisexual Captain Jack as his relationship with boyfriend Ianto matures. 9:00 pm The Closer, TNT (1 hr) NEW A big shoot-out leaving two cops and a teen boy dead forces the Investigation Division to get involved. Guest star Mary McDonnell plays bigwig Sharon Raydor whose snooping does everything but help Brenda’s investigation. Hopefully recurring gay characters Det. Mendoza and Dr. Morales will show up to help out. 10:00 pm Gimme Sugar: Miami, Logo (30min) REPEAT Here’s your second chance in case you missed the season two opener where Charlene moves to Miami to get Truck Stop Miami up and running. Her first taste of Miami isn’t exactly sweet. 10:00 pm Weeds, Showtime (30min) NEW Andy and Dr. Kitson help Nancy gain control of her disastrous situation with Esteban while Celia realizes her get-rich-quick scheme may take more time then she thought. Maybe her lesbian daughter Isabelle could help her plan along? 10:00 pm Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, Bravo (1 hr) NEW Never one to give up, Kathy reaches for the A-list via the black community and scores a stand-up gig at the Legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem, on amateur night. Dropping by to lend her a hand are rapper T.I., Rev. Al Sharpton, and comic Katt Williams. 10:00 pm Raising the Bar, TNT (1 hr) NEW Jerry and Richard both find themselves fighting for clients who have received unjust punishments. This time Richard squares off against Judge Kessler whose anxiety about a blind date may affect her ruling. But if she messes up, her gay law clerk Charlie could next in line. 10:30 pm Nurse Jackie, Showtime (30min) NEW Just an average day as Jackie helps deal with a patient who’s taken a steak knife to the chest, secret lover Eddie gives her an expensive anniversary present, and Grace begins private Catholic school. Oh yeah and a baby is left at the nurses station leading Dr. O’Hara to have a melt down. Let’s hope Momo and Thor are on staff today to calm her down!