The MILKman Rings Twice

November 6, 2008
Here at glaadBLOG, November is MILK month! Be sure to read a “fun fact” about Harvey Milk every day, in anticipation of the eagerly-awaited Gus Van Sant biopic, courtesy of San Francisco magazine.Milk’s campaign manager and supervisorial aide Anne Kronenberg told the magazine Harvey cleaned up the streets.
The pooper-scooper law shows why Harvey was brilliant. [The Shilts book talks about how he used to say, "Whoever can solve the dog-sh*t problem can be elected mayor of San Francisco, even president of the United States."] He understood how the news media needs a hook to make something interesting, and if he had a press conference at city hall, it would be like, “So what? Ho hum.” But if he had it in a park — he chose Duboce Park — and if he planted dog sh*t and then stepped in it, it would make the front page. Which it did.”
Learn more about this politically savvy man by reading GLAAD’s MILK Resource Kit. MILK opens in select theaters November 26.