TiVo Alert: South of Nowhere Premieres Tomorrow!

October 9, 2008
I know not every reader of this blog is planning to stay in tomorrow night to watch the season premiere of South of Nowhere. That's why I'm giving you a heads-up to set your TiVos NOW for a season pass to the greatest lesbian teen storyline ever. Trust me: you won't regret it.
Spencer and Ashley, teens in love

Spencer and Ashley

South of Nowhere is a super-fun, super-dramatic, super-LGBT-inclusive series that has been nominated twice for GLAAD Media Awards. It is groundbreaking, funny, heart wrenching and ultimately feel-good without being syrupy. I don't know how it walks this tight rope with such success, but it really is a quality series. If you love Dawson's Creek's drama, Gossip Girl's fashion, Buffy's lesbian love story and GREEK's sense of fun, I daresay you heed my words and set your DVR. The one-hour premiere is Friday, October 10 at 9 pm ET on The N. After that, the show will head to its regular time slot of Fridays at 8:30 pm ET. Of course, I'm not the only one who thinks South is remarkable. Check out this retrospective video, where GLAAD's own Director of Entertainment Media Damon Romine, The Trevor Project's Executive Director Charles Robbins, showrunner Tommy Lynch and many cast members discuss the series' importance in the lives of LGBT youth. Now pick up your remote!
A South Of Nowhere Snaggable