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"Mrs. Pence does not need to elevate the status of an institution that is causing harm to young people. Instead, sh… https://t.co/lwdsZfnmcg @glaad • 4h
Can we get an "amen"? @inlayterms @namingproject @glaad #KarenPence https://t.co/CcyxA50uoZ @TheAdvocateMag • 5h
Next Friday, join @MjRodriguez7 & @nicosantos on our Facebook as we unveil the #GLAADawards nominees LIVE from Sund… https://t.co/5Qq1z1CWaD @glaad • 5h
This is EVERYTHING, @NicoleAMaines! 😍❤️ https://t.co/MDt3xcrOij @glaad • 5h
“I’m a Christian and a lesbian who sends my children to Sunday school, so to act like all ‘Christian education’ is… https://t.co/8zQysgh0XJ @glaad • 6h
So, @mike_pence, before you start lecturing people about so-called “criticism of Christian education,” remember Matthew… @sarahkateellis • 7h
You also worried that the same legislation would would "silence" groups that promote so-called conversion therapy. @mik… @sarahkateellis • 7h
You claimed that hate crimes legislation aimed at PROTECTING PEOPLE FROM VIOLENCE was really designed "to advance a rad… @sarahkateellis • 7h
You famously proposed that resources from a program to help those with HIV and AIDS "should be directed toward those in… @sarahkateellis • 7h
You also supported an anti-LGBTQ Federal Marriage Amendment that claimed being gay is a "chosen lifestyle," and warned… @sarahkateellis • 7h

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