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"It’s disturbing Second Lady Karen Pence would put her stamp of approval on an institution that actively targets LG… https://t.co/rw7djnwxLG @glaad • 0h
The first thing @GovLauraKelly did in office was reinstate protections for LGBTQ state workers. https://t.co/9pIQPtjV0x @glaad • 1h
.@SchittsCreek is BACK tonight at 10/9c on @PopTV! Here's your first look. 🌹@PopTV #SchittsCreek @glaad • 1h
#ThingsThatAreBadForYourHealth: Inequality @glaad • 4h
Yesterday, lawmakers in New York passed GENDA, which adds gender identity as a protected class in housing, employme… https://t.co/NuBuxZEh71 @glaad • 4h
.@RENTonFOX is coming on the 27th and @JohnnySibilly's exclusive interview with @BrandonVDixon, @AllOfValentina, @VanessaHudgens… @glaad • 17h
had fun interviewing these cuties for @glaad talking about @rentonfox January 27th! @JohnnySibilly • 17h
.@RENTonFOX is coming on the 27th and @JohnnySibilly's exclusive interview with @BrandonVDixon, @AllOfValentina,… https://t.co/YQFoa2eqL7 @glaad • 17h
Thanks! We have another #glaadinstitute course in Minneapolis Feb 8. Registration is open! https://t.co/zeyMk9nXIz @inlayterms • 17h

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