Spirit Day

October 12, 2011

Honoring the Life of Frank Kameny

Those of us who are advocating for full equality for LGBT people should remember Frank Kameny every time we tell our stories.

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Dow Chemical shows its support for LGBTQ youth on #SpiritDay

Today, DOW Chemical Company stood together, quite literally, against bullying and in support of LGBTQ youth all around the globe. The company gathered their employees from all around the globe to show off their purple shirts.

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Southern advocates change hearts and minds across the region for #SpiritDay

People from across Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, and beyond have made known the importance of visibly supporting the youngest members of the LGBT community:

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October 20, 2016

The global purple movement continues! Asians and Asian organizations go purple for #SpiritDay

This year, GLAAD is connecting with more Asian and Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) organizations, schools, activists, and celebrities than ever before!

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The White House leads America's public officials in 'going purple' to support LGBTQ youth

With a sea of staffers dressed in purple on the steps of the Old Executive Office Building in Washington DC on Thursd

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The WNBA and NBA stand up for LGBTQ youth on #SpiritDay

Today, the NBA and WNBA went purple to show their support for LGBTQ youth, as the world takes a stand against bullying.

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