Go Purple on October 17th for #SpiritDay

Thank you for going purple for #SpiritDay on October 17, 2013. You took a stand against bullying and showed LGBT youth that you support them.

Now that you wore purple for #SpiritDay, find more ways you can take a stand against bullying!

Check out other ways you can help support LGBT youth. Some of our partners tell us how youth, adults, or both can take action beyond Spirit Day. Take action now >>

You can still turn your profile picture purple for #SpiritDay on Facebook or Twitter, or download the "Go Purple for #SpiritDay App powered by Toyota Financial Services" for iPhone or Android to turn your pics purple and share with friends.

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#SpiritDay 2013

Celebrities Support #SpiritDay

Save the date: Spirit Day 2014 will be held Thursday, October 16, 2014!

Pop sensation Demi Lovato shows her pride #loveislovato | 07/02/14

Pop sensation Demi Lovato's new music video for "Really Don't Care," released last week, is the ultimate display of support and love for the LGBT community.

VIDEO: Demi Lovato shows her love for the LGBT community | 06/26/14

From her endless amount of tweets asserting her support of the LGBT community, to her beautiful portrayal of a lesbian character on FOX's hit show Glee, pop sensation Demi Lovato has never failed to stand up as a loud and proud ally- but her new music video for "Really Don't Care," released today, is the ultimate display of support and love.

Snapshots: Calling Bill Donahue's bluff, international efforts to stop anti-LGBT US activists, and more | 03/25/14

Wonder what we’re up to at GLAAD? Be sure to check out GLAAD's Blog each week for updates about our latest work to build support for LGBT equality through news, entertainment, and online media.

GLAAD Link - your daily round-up of LGBT news, March 25, 2014 | 03/25/14

Today's top LGBT news headlines. For more news updated throughout the day, visit www.glaad.org.

Marcel Neergaard takes a break from anti-bullying advocacy to talk to Fusion | 03/20/14

Marcel Neergaard, a 2013 GLAAD Spirit Day Ambassador, was on Alicia Mendez Tonight on Fusion to talk about his personal story and his advocacy for anti-bullying legislation in Tennessee.

VIDEO: Westfield Group and shoppers build a tower of strength for LGBT youth | 02/06/14

Throughout California, Westfield Group got shoppers to build "a tower of strength" in support of LGBT youth everywhere.

What's coming up in 2014 | 01/01/14

We came a long way in 2013. But each gain highlights how much more work there is to do.There is much further to go, and GLAAD is going to help us get there.

2013 LGBT moments in sports | 12/28/13

2013 has been a year of memorable moments in sports for the LGBT community.