Marriage Equality

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on marriage equality again

It's possible that the Supreme Court will finally make a nation-wide decision on marriage equality. Today, the court decided to hear arguments in four marriage equality cases.

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Irish Catholic priest comes out to support marriage equality during service

An Irish Catholic priest, Father Martin Dolan, came out as gay during a service last weekend, and received a standing ovation from his parishioners.

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Marriage equality begins today in Miami-Dade County, tomorrow for the rest of Florida

Today, a Florida state court judge ended a stay on her previous ruling that found Florida's ban on marriage equality to be unconstitutional, allowing for same-sex couples in Miami-Dade County to marry.

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Marriage Equality Victories in 2014

After 2013's SCOTUS ruling that struck down parts of the discriminatory "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA), 2014 saw great advancement for marriage equality in the United States as fifteen more states became places where same-sex couples can legally marry. Read more about the states that made marriage equality the law of the land this year below.

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Smudge Ink brings #5DaysOfEquality messages to couples through paper cards

Today is the final day of #5DaysofEquality, a time to celebrate the anniversaries of 31 Australian same-sex couples who were married one year ago during a brief period from December 7 – 12, before their marriages were revoked. GLAAD has been encouraging our followers to share messages of support for these couples throughout #5DaysofEquality.

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George Takei, Shane Bitney Crone, wishing happy anniversary for #5DaysOfEquality

George Takei, Shane Bitney Crone, other notables are tweeting happy anniversary messages to 31 Australian couples who had their marriage revoked after a five-day window.

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INTERVIEW: Australia's Ivan Hinton-Teoh talks work in advocacy and life as a husband for #5DaysofEquality

As #5DaysfoEquality continues, GLAAD is bringing you another interview with Australian Marriage Equality's Deputy Director, Ivan Hinton-Teoh. Yesterday, we published an interview with Ivan about his ongoing work advocating for the enactment of marriage equality in Australia.
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NOM solicits participation, deletes GLAAD staffer's most 'liked' comment

GLAAD's Director of Communications, Seth Adam's comment in favor of his friends Cooper and Todd rose to the top of the National Organization for Marriage's Facebook request to submit the names of couples with inspiring marriages.
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