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LGBT Pride Marches and Festivals 2011

GLAAD's calendar of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Pride marches and festivals.

* GLAAD will be attending lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Pride marches and festivals marked with an asterisk.
Interested in marching with GLAAD? Please contact for more information!



* June 1-12 Capital Pride (Washington, D.C.)
  June 3 Say It Loud! (Albany, NY)
* June 3-12 Boston Pride (Boston, MA)
  June 4 West Virginia Pride (Charleston, WV)
  June 5 Hampton Roads Pride (Chesapeake, VA)
  June 5 Jersey Pride (Asbury Park, NJ)
  June 5-11 Circle City IN Pride (Indianapolis, IN)
  June 6-11  Brooklyn Pride (Brooklyn, NY)
  June 6-12 Newark-Essex Pride (Newark, NY)
  June 10-11 Michigan Pride (Lansing, MI)
  June 10-12 Milwaukee Pride (Milwaukee, WI)
  June 11-12 Capital City Pride (Olympia, WA)
  June 10-13 Capital City Pride (Des Moines, IA)
  June 11 Albuquerque Pride (Albuquerque, NM)
  June 11 OutSpokane (Spokane, WA)
  June 11 PrideFest San Antonio (San Antonio, TX)
  June 11 Pittsburg Pride (Pittsburg, PA)
* June 12 LA Pride (Los Angeles, CA)
  June 12  Philly Pride (Philadelphia, PA)
  June 12 Long Island Pride (Wantagh, NY)
  June 16-19 Memphis Black Pride (Memphis, TN)
  June 17-19 Flagstaff Pride (Flagstaff, AZ)
  June 17-19 Columbus Pride (Columbus, OH)
  June 17-19 Bisbee Pride (Bisbee, AZ)
  June 17-19 Portland Pride (Portland, OR)
  June 18 West Michigan Pride (Grand Rapids, MI)
  June 18 Nashville Pride (Nashville, TN)
  June 18 Central New York Pride (Syracuse, NY)
  June 18 Rhode Island Pride (Providence, RI)
  June 18-19 PrideFest Denver (Denver, CO)
  June 18-26 Alaska Pride (Anchorage, AK)
  June 19  pRIdefest (Providence, RI)
  June 23-26 South Carolina Black Pride (West Columbia, SC)
  June 24 Harlem Pride (New York, NY)
  June 24-26 OKCpride (Oklahoma City, OK)
  June 24-27 New Orleans Pride (New Orleans, LA)
  June 25 Augusta Pride (Augusta, GA)
  June 25 St. Pete Pride (St. Petersburg, FL)
  June 25 Pride Houston (Houston, TX)
  June 25 Cleveland Pride (Cleveland, OH)
  June 25 Santa Fe Pride (Santa Fe, NM)
  June 25-26 Twin Cities Pride (Minneapolis, MN)
* June 25-26 San Francisco Pride (San Francisco, CA)
* June 25-26 NYC Pride (New York, NY)
* June 26 PRIDE Chicago (Chicago, IL)
  June 26 Seattle PrideFest (Seattle, WA)


  July 1 Black Pride Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
  July 14-17 Charlotte Black Gay Pride (Charlotte, NC)
  July 15-17 San Diego LGBT Pride (San Diego, CA)
  July 28-August 1 Triangle Black Pride (Raleigh, NC)


  August 13 Eugene Springfield Pride Festival (Eugene, OR)
  August 20 Chesapeake Pride Festival (Edgewater, MD)
  August 20 Reno Gay Pride (Reno, NV)
  August 20 South Bay Pride (Chula Vista, CA)
  August 20-21 Wisconsin Capitol Pride (Madison, WI)
  August 27 Pride Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)
  August 31-September 5   Atlanta Black Gay Pride (Atlanta, GA)


  September 15-17 Honolulu Pride Festival (Honolulu, HI)
  September 18 Dallas Pride (Dallas, TX)
  September 18 Pride in the Park (Roanoke, VA)
  September 23-26 Dallas Southern Pride (Dallas, TX)
  September 24 VA Pride Festival (Richmond, VA)
  September 24-27 North Carolina Pride (Durham, NC)
  September 29 Dallas Black Pride (Dallas, TX)


  October 6-9 Baltimore Black Pride (Baltimore, MD)
* October 6-8 Orlando Pride (Orlando, FL)
* October 8-9 Atlanta Pride (Atlanta, GA)
  October 15 Pride in the Desert (Tucson, AZ)
  October 15 Mid-South Pride (Memphis, TN)


  November 6 Greater Palm Springs Pride Festival (Palm Springs, CA)