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A miniaturized Denise Van Outen is dressed as a Christmas Fairy, perched on a wrapped present, swinging her wand thoughtfully. She asks, "What makes Christmas magic? Hands up!"

Then, in a series of vignettes, each celebrity in turn explains what makes Christmas magic for them. First is Ronnie Barker, who answers "Repeats" as he burps. He is followed by star of Cold Feet, Hermione Norris, whose answer is "Unwrapping the presents" as she opens her nightgown to reveal her undergarments. Joan Collins is next to answer, "A nicely roasted bird..." and then openly gay, flamboyant talkshow host Graham Norton, who is arranging a muffler on a snowman, chimes in, "No breast for me" -- as if passing on Collins' offer and, in a double entendre, for his lack of interest in women.

Then the fairy chides, "Stick to the question, Graham."

Next up is sport star David Beckham, then Cat Deeley and in the end, Sean Bean who says in a low sexy voice, "Men bearing gifts."

Each scene features clothing, gift and food products.

The final shot returns to Denise Van Outen, who repeats her question and waves her wand. The tagline, "Exclusively for Everyone."
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