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In this German ad, a woman and her two kids go over to the newly-moved-in neighbors' house to welcome them with a cake. They've dressed up in their Sunday-best clothing, and the mom fixes her son's hair as she rings the doorbell.

The woman assumes a family lives there because of the minivan parked in the driveway.

As the door opens, she lets out a cheerful "Yoo-hoo!" and giggle with excitement. A man in a tie greets her at the door, whom she assumes to be the father. The man is silent in the face of her aggressive jabbering about babysitting his kids, but starts to look on with amusement.

After a few moments, a second man comes up behind the first and puts his hand on his shoulder. He says hello to her as her face falls. The woman realizes her mistake as she looks again at their car, then laughs uncomfortably and offers them the cake.

The tagline at the end of the spot reads "Volkswagen more then just a family car."

Some see this ad as inclusive, given the happy presence of the gay couple and a zing on heterocentric neighbors. Others see her shock as a negative joke.
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