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A groom and his best man are preparing in a room inside the church when the best man asks the groom for the ring.

Suddenly panicking and realizing he doesn't know where it is, he starts searching for it and strips down to his underwear, which is where he finally finds it -- in the pocket of his underwear.

With joy, he jumps into the arms of his best man and they bounce up and down at their fortune. Just then, the door to their room opens and reveals the two in full view of the bride and guests in the church.

In horror at what appears to be the two men having sex, the bride storms out, the other family members scowl at the men and, to top it all off, the priest looks on with a faint smile of interest -- a double negative.

While some may suggest that the bride would have been upset no matter whom she thought her husband was "cheating" with, the commercial chooses the more "horrifying" -- and homophobic -- possibility of it being someone of the same sex.
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