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This ad for Lee jeans features mostly, if not all, women. It begins with a young woman leaning on a railing. "Find your calling," appears onscreen.

Another girl tries on shirt after shirt, checks out her butt in the mirror, and flops down on her bed. "Find your ritual," the screen reads.

Two girls sit lay on a couch together, sharing a container of ice cream as "Find your excuse," flashes onscreen.

"Find your second wind" appears as a group of girls jump around and hold hands.

A young woman stretches out on the floor, surrounded by CDs, and the screen says, "Find your anthem."

Two people lay with their heads touching -- one is obviously female, but the other may be either a male or female. "Find your loyalty" appears.

And lastly, a young woman straddles the lap of another person, who could be either male or female. The catchphrase? "Find your weakness."

A girl shakes her hips as she walks down a hallway as the narrator says, "One true fit. Lee jeans."

For the record, Lee says that the person the woman straddles is a man, but that they got a number of questions about the person's gender.
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