Burger King
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Crispin, Porter + Bogusky
A man is sleeping soundly on a summer morning as someone mows the grass outside.

As the man wakes, he realizes someone is in bed with him. He jumps up to find a man in a "king" outfit with robes sitting there watching him. The king mask (complete with Burger King crown) is oversized and Mardis Gras-like, frozen in a smile. The creepy man/king says nothing, but turns and offers him a Double Croissan'wich, which the man immediately takes and eats.

The man/king then puts his hand on the guy's knee, the man adds his hand -- then both pull away awkwardly. They both start laughing.

In another cut of the commercial, they both start laughing and the man/king then puts his hand on the guy's back instead.

The tagline: "Wake up with the King."

This odd ad was called "bizarre" and "weird" by Adweek and recalls a 2000 British campaign for the financial services firm Egg, in which a man stalks another man. The ad would not be included in the Commercial Closet collection, were it not for the needless hand on the knee/back moments intended to invoke sexual discomfort.
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