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A man at his girlfriend's apartment showers as she steps out for a few minutes to get the pizza they ordered.

Unexpectedly, her parents arrive for a visit but don't know that their little girl lives with her boyfriend.

To avoid judgment by her parents, the man (played by Spanish actor Javier Bardem, star of the gay-themed films "Second Skin" and "Before Night Falls," the latter about poet Reinaldo Arenas) comes out dressed up as her female "roommate," wearing makeup, a towel over his head and a bathrobe. He says, "Hello! I'm Enriqueta, Susan's friend." He shakes hands with her father, squeezing too hard and hurting him.

The parents, who probably crossed paths with the pizza delivery person, have brought in the pizza that Susan and Javier have ordered. "Enriqueta" asks, "Have you heard about the Rolling Pizza? You eat it backwards." (It's a cheese-filled pizza crust that she demonstrates.)

Then, when Susan returns, "Enriqueta" stands up and the bathrobe falls -- eliciting a scream from the mother -- nakedly revealing Susan's friend as a man.

The campaign included other situations where people did strange things -- an intended parallel to the strange, cheese-filled pizza crust. This commercial is a classic farcical mishap comedy when an obviously straight man dresses up as a woman.
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