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A modern woman rides into an orthodox neighborhood on her motor scooter and steals an orange from a cart.

She stops to eat and peels it. She gets looks from an older man and also a young woman who spies her from a window, along with children and others who give her a suspicious look.

The young woman then smiles and opens her dark wrap to reveal her chest better to the woman below -- a sexual echo to the peeling of the orange. She even suggestively grabs an orange at her side, just as her mother sees what's going on and tries to stop her.

Then the young woman is running to the other, jumps onto her scooter as they speed away together.

The music's lyrics sing "To undress an orange." ("Tapuz" means "orange" in Hebrew.)

One Israeli's take on the ad: "As she peels it, the layers of tradition, upbringing, taboos, are being peeled away as well. And as this orthodox woman who sees her, she looks at her and joins her in her journey to the future -- her future, their future, together. It is a contradiction between the "Galuti" (that which originated years ago in the Diaspora) and the Israeli. The values of tradition, religion and fear are being challenged by the values of freedom, and "chutzpa" -- driving a bike in a sleeveless shirt and pants in a religious neighborhood is challenging."
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