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Amster Yard

The “Stay Close” campaign features photographs of straight celebrities and well-known personalities with their GLBT family members and friends.

Other ads include singer Cyndi Lauper with her sister, Elen; Congressman and Mrs. Richard Gephardt with their daughter, Chrissy; actor Ben Affleck with his cousin, Jason; singer Barbara Cook with her son, Adam; and New York Congressman Gregory Meeks with his brother, John.

“People need this campaign—both gay and straight,” said Cyndi Lauper. “I want people to know that it’s about changing hearts and minds. It’s about moving from simple tolerance to understanding to acceptance. But, ultimately, it’s about unconditional love.”

The effort appears in high profile outdoor, print and transit advertising space in New York and Washington, DC. Print ads will begin appearing nationally in all 20 of Time Inc.'s publications and the Ad Council has also approved the ads for PSA placement.

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