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In faux documentary interview style, "former hairstylist Chauncey FauntLeroy" addresses the camera as he sits in a cushy chair, surrounded by flowers and art, with a tiny Yorkie in his lap, complete with hair bands.

Bitterly, he says, "You know, I used to work for one of the top salons in the country. But since women can use Salon Selectives to make any hairstyle they want, well, I had to look for work elsewhere."

Chauncey is now shown working in an auto garage, pouring fluid into an engine that pours out the other side, as his Yorkie watches. Considering his work done, and dropping the bottle on the floor, he says to the pooch, "Well, let's get some sushi."

In another shot, he takes an air drill and blows his hair back a bit. His tool spot has a framed picture of his dog on it, his wrenches sit in a glass jar of alcohol as combs usually are at a salon. "This whole not being a hairstylist thing really sucks!"

Then he walks up behind a coworker with a lengthy mullet/mudflap hairstyle and says, "Good golly, this really could use some work." Before the man can reply, Chauncey recognizes a woman at the auto shop as a former client. "Hey, I know that hair!"

While Chauncey is clearly the picture of a stereotype, the ad also finds humor in other ways -- such as the irony of being in the wrong job -- and does not bring about negativity to his gayness.
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