Subaru of America
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Moon City Productions
A Subaru car drives against a white background. As the car continues, it drives by different graphics that represent different environments; cherry blossoms, bamboo and snow. While passing through these scenes, the car adapts to each environment by adopting the colors and images surrounding it.

Then the scenes shift as the car drives through a tunnel, taking the car out of the natural environment into a more urban setting. Now the car has different environments to adapt to; one being a pink and orange metropolis along with a very confident man (possibly a gay man?) in a sweater of matching colors, which the car adapts to effortlessly.

The commercial ends with a black background and another man getting into the car. The tagline is "Be confident in your nature."

The commercial captures the idea of "different natures" through several different sequences such as the shift between white background to a black background, from nature scenes to an urban setting, and possibly even from a gay man to a straight man.

However, the commercial does not label the two men as either gay or straight nor do they show either man in a particularly positive or negative light, and so the commercial has been rated Equal.
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