Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples (Canada)
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National Politics
With her brow furrowed, a blonde says, "It's not just tonight. It's every night we go out" and exhales loudly. She sits with her shoulders hunched and looks troubled.

She pauses, sets her head on her right arm, and looks down as she says, "If it were just tonight, it wouldn't bother me so much." Looking up again, she caustically says, "I catch you looking all the time."

The camera cuts to a shot of the same woman, who was only shown in a medium shot until now, sitting crossed-legged on a bed.

"Do you want to be with someone else?" she asks angrily.

The woman she is speaking to walks into the frame as a voiceover says, "You know what's wrong with gay marriages? The same things that are wrong with straight ones. Support same-sex marriage."
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