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This campaign featuring NBA star Larry Johnson dressed as his "Grandmama" ran for years with numerous additions.

In this installment, Larry plays himself cowering from his aggressive grandmama, who in this early effort -- with a broken beaded necklace -- still seems more masculine than feminine.

While the campaign started off as the same old Toostie/Mrs. Doubtfire joke of a man dressed as a woman, it later took on gay sensibilities including a play on the movie "Wizard of Oz."

The first ad had the coincidentally gay/trans-friendly tagline: "It's what's inside that counts."

This ad is a classic example of the old-fashioned joke of a straight-man-in-women's-clothes. In the American nomenclature, a man wears women's clothes usually for two reasons: as a joke or if he's gay. This commercial is "safe" because we know from real life that Johnson isn't gay and that he's dressing up for fun in the commercial.
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