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A man walks into a public restroom and positions himself in front of a urinal. The bathroom attendant silently approaches him from behind, wraps his arms around the other man's waist, unzips his fly, then relieves him of the "burden" of holding his manhood himself.

After a few facial expressions communicate the nonchalance of the moment, a requisite "shake" represents the end of the experience. The man tips and exits. Text announces, "Get used to a better service."

Next, a large man enters the restroom and opts for the stall. The bathroom attendant reaches for a roll of toilet paper and follows his client. After a sound effect confirms his progress, the dial on the stall door switches from "Vacant" to "Engaged" as the attendant tends to his next duty.

The above-and-beyond attitude driving this bathroom attendant certainly threatens his heterosexual status. The ad earns an Equal rating because the bathroom-goers don't overreact to his behavior, and it is not played for sexual humor.
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