Ruehle for Congress
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Nebraska Cattlemen executive Greg Ruehle, in his bid as a Republican for Congress, District 01 in Nebraska, is posed with his blonde haired daughter in a field of hay. He says, "Having a child changes everything. We named her Grace because she's a gift so much more than I deserve." (But for some reason, he appears to be feeding her to a horse.)

"It's important what kind of country we leave for our children. Stopping abortion. And an amendment to protect marriage. More jobs and an economy that will keep 'em coming for her generation. Lower taxes for all our families. If we stick to our principles, we'll find that America's best days are still ahead...for ALL our kids."

Despite using generic images to illustrate his points, to his credit, Ruehle avoids using cliches, propagandized imagery, or more shots of his daughter when he states, "Stopping abortion. And an amendment to protect marriage," he simply shows himself speaking to the camera.

Ruehle garnered just 21% of the vote, third place to challengers Curt Bromm (33%) and Jeff Fortenberry (40%) and did not make it past the Republican primary.
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