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Tonight catch the season finale of Defiance and an all new episode of Project Runway.

ESPN aired a problematic segment about openly gay NFL player Michael Sam, in which reporter Josina Anderson spoke with Sam's teammates about his shower habits.

Today, Amazon released the official trailer for their new original 10-episode comedy "Transparent," which will be fully available for streaming starting on September 26.

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NOM's obvious (and growing) desperation will alienate far more than their new shotgun approach to the marriage fight could ever hope to recruit.

Tonight catch all new episodes of Young & Hungry, Skin Wars and The Bridge.

Dear Prudence advised a bisexual woman was to keep her identity "private," and equated the woman's identity to "plushophilia" (an erotic interest in stuffed animals), getting "turned on by being a dominatrix," and to "not [being] by nature monogamous."

Since the shooting of Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager from Ferguson, Missouri, we've seen a fair amount of commentary about the community and racism in America. GLAAD has been lifting up black LGBT leaders who have been speaking out.