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According to his lawyer, LGBT ally Chris Kluwe has reached a settlement with The Minnesota Vikings over the threat of lawsuit over Kluwe’s release from the team.

Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.

José Cofiño wrote an op-ed for 'Frontiers LA' about his ALS diagnosis, his life and fight against the disease with partner Ben Trust, and what the ice bucket challenge means to him.

How the lack of representation in children's media affects the way gender nonconforming kids perceive themselves and their world.

This Friday TODAY anchor and correspondent Jenna Wolfe announced her second pregnancy on the air.

After greeting cards celebrating same-sex marriage were stocked on the shelves of the Brigham Young University (BYU) bookstore Tuesday, they were promptly removed.

Mills College, a women's college in Oakland, California, is allowing female-identified transgender students to enroll.

Jessica Alba revealed her true motivation for leaving the church during a candid interview with The Daily Beast on Monday.