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The governor of the Mexican state of Coahuila, Rubén Moreira, has gotten a bit of press for tweeting his congratulations to a same-sex couple that was able to wed in his state. We love that inclusive leadership.

Some experiences are still hard to talk about. Read what one teacher had to say about what happened when they discussed bullying in the classroom.

Today, in honor of #BiWeek, the report "Understanding Issues Facing Bisexual Americans" was released. Here are some things we learned:

The first openly gay inaugural poet wrote a beautiful poem accompanied by a moving video for marriage equality.

Today is the four year anniversary of the death by suicide of Tyler Clementi. Sean M. Kosofsky, the Executive Director for The Tyler Clementi Foundation, shares a reflection on how the Clementi turned a personal tragedy into a public call for action.

Typically, the media portrays the Values Voters Summit as little more than a right-leaning political gathering. The truth is that the Values Voters Summit has an assembled roster that deserves accountability for their actions.

Emma Watson receives a standing ovation after giving a passionate speech about feminism and gender equality for the U.N.'s new "HeForShe" campaign.

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