What questions do you want to be asked about LGBTQ issues at the debates?

Critical LGBTQ issues have yet to be addressed in this 2020 election coverage. LGBTQ Americans deserve to know where the candidates stand on our issues, and more importantly, we deserve to be heard. CNN exit polls for the 2018 midterm elections indicated that 6 percent of the overall voting electorate identified as LGBTQ. The Presidential debates must include questions about LGBTQ Americans, about the current administration’s record on LGBTQ issues, and how the next administration will address our issues and advance equality and inclusion.  

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Here are just a few questions we'll ask during the debates:

  • The Supreme Court has historically been the remedy to ensure equal justice when laws and majority-rule lawmakers have failed us. The next justice could determine whether this precedent continues or if the Court is used to roll back hard-fought rights. How will you ensure that the Supreme Court protects the most vulnerable, including women, people of color, immigrants and LGBTQ people?

  • Why has the Trump administration prioritized discrimination against LGBTQ families and people? How might a potential Biden administration address these policies and ensure protection against discrimination afforded to any other citizen?

  • The FDA recently authorized emergency use of convalescent plasma treatment as an effective way to treat COVID-19, but gay and bisexual men who’ve survived COVID-19 are currently prevented from donating plasma to help others recover. Both of your administrations shortened, but not eliminated, the blood ban. Will either of your administrations lift the deferral period entirely?

  • At least 28 transgender people have been killed so far this year, most were Black trans women. The pandemic and economic crisis have disproportionately affected queer people of color, who already suffer from outsized job and housing discrimination. Please explain your views on trans people and trans rights, and how your administration would protect and ensure opportunity for this historically targeted group?

What's on your mind? What is your question?








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